It’s A Sign !

Hiking in the woods has become a sure-fire way to get my creative juices flowing. One day as I stood at the edge of the ravine surrounded by trees, I became aware of a woodpecker, rat-a-tat-tat. Where was it? I searched the branches repeatedly until I realized it was on the other side of the trunk. I couldn’t step around the tree to see the bird without falling off the cliff. I had to be content with hearing it and sensing its presence.

Trees often speak to me. (They speak to all of us if we take time to listen.)

As I deliberated on how and when to publish my manuscript, I heard this:

“The time is as close as the woodpecker you can hear, but cannot see. When the time is right, he will appear to you, fearless and bold, without endless searching on your part. Trust this and know that when he shows himself, it is time to move forward.”

Despite the message, I began combing the trees for the bird, for the one that would indicate it was time. What I discovered is that there is an abundance of downy woodpeckers in the east end! This older part of the city is populated with insect riddled trees, a cornucopia of delight for woodpeckers.

Every time I caught sight of those black and white feathers and red nape, I would think, “Is this the one?” Yet, I knew my searching was an attempt to force an outcome, versus allowing it to come to me or to manifest in its own time. I eventually stopped searching and gradually forgot about the message.

Then, he appeared.

While wandering around during a lunch break, I looked up at the sky. I don’t even recall what made me glance skyward, but there was this magnificent red, black and white sculpture. It was not a live flesh and blood feather and blood bird, but a statue, a work of art at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre. Beautiful, I thought and snapped a picture.

The next day, I was inside the same Convention Centre. This time, peering out the window, I was at the same height as my feathered friend. Snap! Another picture.

Two days later, as I was completing my final round of edits before publication, that’s when it penetrated my brain and the realization hit me:

OMG, that was the sign!

I totally missed it! When I finally understood, I roared at the humour and brilliance of the Universe. Many times in the past, when I’ve asked for Spirit to give me a sign, I’ve said, “Make it so damn obvious I can’t miss it.” Here it was, literally larger than life, and still I missed it.

In reviewing the message, I now realize that it wasn’t saying, “Do not proceed until you get a sign.” It was saying that, first, I would know it was time (I was already preparing to go to print) and, after that, an external sign would appear.

Since The Reconnection, more and more often, there is recognition that I can trust my own inner knowingness, that I don’t need external verification. However, when a sign does appear, consider it a gentle, sometimes amusing, reminder from Spirit to trust the Source within yourself.